Office of Military Training

Anti-Fraud Reminder

Dear students: The school has received several reports of frauds and scams recently, including students being scammed regarding online shopping, students’ parents receiving false calls about them being kidnapped and a ransom is demanded…etc. Please tell your parents that when receiving similar calls (e.g., saying you are involved in an accident or conflict) where money is demanded, they should phone the school first to get the facts and to call the police to report the case.Do not panic. Do not given in to scammers’ costly tricks. Scammers rely on making random attempts and sending out misleading text-messages such as “investments” that are actually multi-level marketing scams where applicants are exploited of their time and money, “returning safety deposits,” “collecting credit card debts,” “escort services,” and “winning the lottery” that many people fall for.When receiving a fraud message on your cell phone, don’t delete them just yet – call the number 0911-511-111 to report this incident to the authority, and the “165 Anti-Fraud Hotline” will investigate and immediately terminates the communication access through which the message is sent out.
A reminder from National Chiao Tung University, Office of National Defence Education and the Puding Police Station.
Cases of Anti Fraud, the National Police Agency, Ministry of The Interior
A “Friends Hotline” call-back that ends in a $30,000 NTD phone bill.
Be careful when you see a text-message that asks you to call a 4 or 5-digit number! A man in Pingtung called a friend-hotline at this kind of reduced-digit number, and the phone bill jumped to more than 30,000 NTD in just two days. A similar case has also been reported where a woman replied a text-message to a reduced-digit number and later discovered that cost her more than 10,000 NTD.
30,000 NTD in just two days! A closer look at the phone bill reveals that each 5-minute call costs 500 NTD, meaning each minute costs 100 NTD, which is about 20 to 30 times higher than the normal rate of 3 ~ 6 NTD per minute – even a prepaid card only costs 17 NTD per minute. The reason why it is so costly is because the man in Pingtung, Mr. Wu, called a reduced-digit number. The woman, Ms. Chen, who made the text-message replies later realized it cost her more than 10,000 NTD. A typical text-message costs only 10 NTD, making this phone bill equivalent to sending thousands of text-messages. Mr. Chen and the service carrier later agreed on settling the phone bill at 3 NTD per text-message.
The Consumer Ombudsman Officer stated that this kind of reduced-digit numbers are widely used by many companies. Once you call a 4 or 5-digit number, you are transferred to a voice-prompt system that tells you call another number which is very expensive, and the accumulated charge (“profit”) is later split between the company and the service carrier. There are currently no regulations to deal with this issue and students are reminded to stay vigilant.