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anti-fraud hotline “165”

Many people were surprised that Yiin was duped because the incidence of such scams has fallen considerably in recent years in Taiwan. Part of that is because of the government’s 165 anti-fraud hotline, which has kept people from being cheated of over NT$10 billion. This was eight years ago, after taekwondo Olympic gold medalist Chu Mu-yen had been cheated out of over NT$1 million. This was last year. A woman posing as a friend of celebrity Jessica Sung scammed people in entertainment circles out of NT$17 million. Ordinary Taiwanese are also regularly victimized.Ciou Jyun-wei165 Hotline InvestigatorHighly educated people can also be duped. I think anybody who receives this kind of phone call can be scammed. So we urge people who receive such a phone call to hang up the phone and call their.